Curing the unread blog phobia

This weekend has been a geeky one. I’ve read a ton of posts on Ruby/Rails. A ton. And I came to realize something useful.

Usually, that is, when I’m not playing the role of the obsessive blog reader, no matter how fast I read, no matter how much time I spend in front of my labtop, the unread blog post counter will always be much greater than 0.

So quickly you learn to ignore it, living with the feeling that you’re not on top of things in the back of your head.

I got some good news. After such a reading-intensive weekend, I could (happily) confirm that there is a high degree of redundancy among the best resources. And the corollary being that the probability of missing on an important post is virtually null.

Here are what I call my best sources for Ruby/Rails topics:

Since the best posts are usually the ones that will be repeated across sources, it’s actually hard to miss them, even if you’re looking at a subset of your best sources – as this is the case most of the time.

The objective is to get to the essentials. No big surprise there, but it’s good medicine to cure the phobia of not reading enough!


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