Do The Hustle, by Obie Fernandez

I watched Obie Fernandez’s Do The Hustle presentation he gave at RubyFringe last August. He shared his experience over the years while he was a consultant first at ThoughtWorks, then as an independent consultant, and finally as a successful business owner (read: making a lot of money) with his company HashRocket.

Having read The Rails Way, one of my favorite sources among all Rails references, I must say it was surprising to see Obie Fernandez as a salesman detailing business strategies on how to make the big buck. It looks like Obie Fernandez is competent with either the tech or the business hat.

Here are my highlights of his presentation.

Rails Business and Pricing

  • 50% of ThoughtWorks revenues in 2007 (with 1000 employees worldwide) was Rails business
  • ThoughtWorks charged 250$/h and up, even for consultants new in the Rails world
  • He encourages an average rate of at least 150$/h for people present at the RubyFringe conference

Sales Cycle

  • marketing
    • looking good is a must
    • spent 15 thousands dollars for brand-identity (HashRocket logo)
    • make sure leads can reach you easily (people still use the phone)
    • encourage world-of-month (reference to Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi)
  • qualifying
    • defining products/formulas, nature of the business
    • give yourself constraints (client profile, minimum rate)
    • keep good tracks of your leads
  • closing
    • keep in mind that “you should always close!”
    • use master service agreements (with attached statements of work) to make the customer-service provider relationship official.
  • client management
    • do remarkable work (reference to Seth Godin’s Purple Cow)

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