Write Access to an HFS+ Drive from Ubuntu

I wanted to have write access to my HFS+ external hard drive. It took me (frustrating) hours to find out, since I kept on having it mounted automagically (i.e. seconds after I inserted the USB plug in my labtop) as read-only. So I could read from it, but not write to it.

This post did the trick for me. In other words, I had to install the hfsprogs Ubuntu package and run:

fsck.hfsplus [block device]

So for me it was:

fsck.hfsplus /dev/sdc6
Nothing wrong was found after running that check, but it apparently needed to be run. Because right after, I unmounted it, and let it mount automagically, and it worked.


  1. This is great, thanks for the pointer! I've been trying to figure out how to do this without disabling journaling on the HFS+ volume

  2. oof — I've been looking everywhere for just this! Thanks so much!

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