Ruby Quiz (Intermediate) #6

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What would be the output of this code snippet?



The output is “nil”. Here is the reason why, taken from Programming Ruby 2nd edition (p. 86):

[W]ritable attributes have a hidden gotcha. Normally, methods within a class can invoke other methods in the same class and its superclasses in functional form (that is, with an implicit receiver of self). However, this doesn’t work with attribute writers. Ruby sees the assignment and decides that the name on the left must be a local variable, not a method call to an attribute writer.

As such, the attribute var has never been assigned any value, and thus at line 9, its value is still “nil”. More appropriately, self.var = 45 would have assigned the value 45 to the attribute var.


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  1. Oh. I didn't know about this gotcha. Thanks!

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