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Ruby VM’s, by Jason Seifer

I watched Jason Seifer’s QCon 30-min presentation on Ruby VM’s. He describes the main characteristics of most Ruby VM’s out there. A little note: his criterium to decide whether a VM is production-ready or not is based on its support (or lack of support) for Rails, since that’s a Ruby framework which touches on a […]

Ruby Internals, by Patrick Farley

I’ve watched the presentation Ruby Internals, from Patrick Farley, and I thought it was really interesting. Here are my own highlights: The building blocks of MRI’s implementation are C structs: RObject, RBasic, RClass. instance methods (behavior) in a Ruby class are stored in a C struct called RClass (and not in RObject) method dispatch will […]

Zed Shaw on the MRI and JRuby

Here is a digested version of an article written by Zed Shaw on pros/cons when using Ruby’s MRI and on scenarios when to leverage JRuby. Context: “Why is this relevant to Ruby? Recently, there’s been a huge push to take Ruby onto both the JVM and the CLR systems. Ruby’s popularity means that companies like […]