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Is the Future Functional? by Rob Harrop

Here are my notes on Rob Harrop’s presentation about functional programming. Why is Functional Important? 1. Simplicity it’s declarative you write what you want to achieve, rather than give instructions how to achieve it express solutions, and you do not worry about individual steps 2. Agility functional fits well with Agile methodology testing is much […]

An Introduction to Procs, by Peter Cooper

I have just watched the 27-min introduction on Procs by Peter Cooper, which is really a short section of his RubyReloaded course.   Here are my notes: blocs are essentially nameless functions the block_given? method can be used to find out if a block was passed to the current scope blocks are anonymous functions which […]

Architecture: The Lost Years, by Robert Martin

I watched a keynote from Robert Martin during the Ruby Midwest 2011 conference. It’s always fun to watch veterans from the field. Here are some thoughts: Decoupling the whole talk is about decoupling the web is just a “delivery mechanism” Ivar Jacobson’s use case driven approach: make the intent of your system obvious architecture: boundary, […]

Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming Screencasts by Dave Thomas

I bought 6 screencast episodes of Ruby metaprogramming about 3 years ago and only recently have I watched them all. And I must say: it was quite worth it! Just a reminder that it’s never too late 🙂 See below for my notes (which have been approved by Dave Thomas himself). Episode 1 – Objects […]

Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough by Peter Cooper

I have been away from hacking some Ruby for about a year by now, and I wanted to get up to speed with Ruby 1.9.3, so I bought Peter Cooper’s Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough. No doubt: my $24 was excellent value for my money. That’s a 3-hour session where he talks about what’s new in Ruby 1.9.2 […]

Node.js from Ryan Dahl (JS Conf 2009)

I’m a bit late with that one, but I wanted to have an overview of Node.js from the man behind it. So I watched the presentation from Ryan Dahl at JS Conf Berlin 2009.   Here are my notes: Apache vs nginx Apache uses OS threads nginx uses an event loop Threads context switching is […]

Agile Development Tips, by David W. Frank

I watched the talk from David W. Frank (from Pivotal Labs) at RailsConf. It was interesting to listen to advice on agile software development, although on some I would disagree. Here are my highlights and some thoughts afterwards. Stick to conventions follow the ground rules be a lord of discipline pop goes the story stack […]

Unobstrusive metaprogramming, by Sean O’Halpin

I watched Sean O’Halpin 30-minute Ruby Manor presentation (Nov 2008) called “Unobstrusive metaprogramming”. He gave a few tricks about monkeypatching. Here are my highlights. Problems with monkey patching “the Rails way” namespace pollution documentation pollution cognitive pollution Case in point: >> [Kernel, Object, Class, Module].inject({}){|hash, klass| hash[klass] = klass.methods.size; hash} => {Object=>98, Kernel=>159, Module=>99, Class=>99} >> […]

Ruby VM’s, by Jason Seifer

I watched Jason Seifer’s QCon 30-min presentation on Ruby VM’s. He describes the main characteristics of most Ruby VM’s out there. A little note: his criterium to decide whether a VM is production-ready or not is based on its support (or lack of support) for Rails, since that’s a Ruby framework which touches on a […]

My Journey Towards CouchDB, by Damien Katz

I watched the presentation that Damien Katz (the one behind CouchDB) gave at RubyFringe in 2008. The presentation is a non-technical and inspirational description of his journey to be able to live off “doing cool stuff”, which for him is to write open source software. Here are my highlights. Reasons for doing “cool stuff” educational […]