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The Rails Community Has Reached the SOA Milestone

The Service Layer as the New Meme I have read recently a bunch of articles about service-oriented architecture. Or at least that’s how I like to call it. A few months ago, there was the much-discussed Moving on from Rails (and then its follow-up). More on the concrete side, Nicholas J Henry has written a nice blog […]

Ssh Credentials Not Forwarded When Using Capistrano on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I’m running Snow Leopard and it seems like a fresh Capistrano install did not forward my ssh credentials when I was deploying my Rails 3 app on a remote server, having my git repo on beanstalk (similar to the popular github). After a lot of googling, I understood the problem and went on to fix […]

Ruby on Rails 2.2 Screencast, by Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer

I bought (9$) and watched the Ruby on Rails 2.2 screencast from Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer. The short review: good value for my money! As shown on their website, the screencast includes: Scaling with Etags => excellent and instructive explanation Connection Pooling => excellent and instructive explanation New Enumerable Methods => not very valuable […]

Do The Hustle, by Obie Fernandez

I watched Obie Fernandez’s Do The Hustle presentation he gave at RubyFringe last August. He shared his experience over the years while he was a consultant first at ThoughtWorks, then as an independent consultant, and finally as a successful business owner (read: making a lot of money) with his company HashRocket. Having read The Rails Way, […]

Curing the unread blog phobia

This weekend has been a geeky one. I’ve read a ton of posts on Ruby/Rails. A ton. And I came to realize something useful. Usually, that is, when I’m not playing the role of the obsessive blog reader, no matter how fast I read, no matter how much time I spend in front of my […]

The top 10 most visited Rails sites

There are quite a few well-known sites built using Ruby on Rails. Here is the top 10 most visited sites, according to Alexa, as of June 2008: The list of all Rails sites is very long and include Friends for sale, iLike, 43 things, A […]

Rails code review by Jamis Buck and Marcel Molina, Jr.

I watched a Rails code review by Jamis Buck and Marcel Molina Jr. Here are my own highlights: difference between to_i and Integer() value.to_i is lenient Integer(value) will raise an exception if the value is not an integer strive for “symbolics” wrap complex condition statements into intention-revealing methods keep abstractions of the same level together […]

"The Worst Rails Code" Presentation

I’ve been through the 60 or so slides from Obie Fernandez and Rein Henrich, part of a presentation they gave at RailsConf 2008 a few weeks ago, where they were going through code snippets of bad Rails code. Overall, I thought it was rather basic but you could still have a sensation of “the Rails […]

alias_method: a confusing method name

In the class Module, there is a useful method called #alias_method. By the name of it, you would expect to be able to create an alias, that is, another way to call the same method using a different name for it. Well, this is not exactly true. A typical usage of Module#alias_method is when you […]

Installing Rails on Eclipse with Aptana + RadRails plugins

Since I run on a 64-bit architecture, I couldn’t use Aptana Studio (it doesn’t support 64-bit yet). I had to install Aptana as a plugin in Eclipse. Fairly easy, if you do not install Rails with Ubuntu’s packaging system, but with RubyGems’, as explained on RoR’s blog, and if you follow those easy steps. However, […]