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Transferring Large Files: Easy And Free!

I needed to transfer a 4GB file the other day. Unfortunately, there is no easy free way to do it. So I went the tech way. How To Upload the file to a┬áserver you have access to (e.g. your server slice) via scp: scp my_large_file my_server:. In case your connection breaks up, you can resume […]

Write Access to an HFS+ Drive from Ubuntu

I wanted to have write access to my HFS+ external hard drive. It took me (frustrating) hours to find out, since I kept on having it mounted automagically (i.e. seconds after I inserted the USB plug in my labtop) as read-only. So I could read from it, but not write to it. This post did […]

Flash plugin in Firefox 3.0 on Ubuntu Hardy 64

After hours of research, I finally succeeded in installing Flash in Firefox v3.0 on my Ubuntu Hardy, 64 bits, thanks to this post. The short version is that when upgrading from Gutsy to Hardy, you need a proper clean of nspluginwrapper (which allows you to run 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit Firefox). Here is what […]

Highlighting PDF documents on Ubuntu

Somehow I thought that Evince 2.22 (released beginning of April) would allow me to highlight stuff in my PDF’s, but it does not. And today, when I look at their features roadmap, the Annotations feature seems to have moved to version 2.24. So more waiting… A few months ago, I’ve been searching like crazy to […]