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Transferring Large Files: Easy And Free!

I needed to transfer a 4GB file the other day. Unfortunately, there is no easy free way to do it. So I went the tech way. How To Upload the file to a server you have access to (e.g. your server slice) via scp: scp my_large_file my_server:. In case your connection breaks up, you can resume […]

How to Remove Every n-th Line From a File

A bit of googling directed me to this article, which was about sampling a file. What I really wanted was to remove every fifth line from a file. Here is the input file: 1 00:00:06,244 –> 00:00:09,004 The public has a very romantic idea of what wine’s about. Le public a une idée très romantique du vin. […]

Write Access to an HFS+ Drive from Ubuntu

I wanted to have write access to my HFS+ external hard drive. It took me (frustrating) hours to find out, since I kept on having it mounted automagically (i.e. seconds after I inserted the USB plug in my labtop) as read-only. So I could read from it, but not write to it. This post did […]