I have been away from hacking some Ruby for about a year by now, and I wanted to get up to speed with Ruby 1.9.3, so I bought¬†Peter Cooper’s Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough. No doubt: my $24 was excellent value for my money. That’s a 3-hour session where he talks about what’s new in Ruby 1.9.2 […]

I’m a bit late with that one, but I wanted to have an overview of Node.js from the man behind it. So I watched the presentation from Ryan Dahl at JS Conf Berlin 2009.   Here are my notes: Apache vs nginx Apache uses OS threads nginx uses an event loop Threads context switching is […]

I wanted to have write access to my HFS+ external hard drive. It took me (frustrating) hours to find out, since I kept on having it mounted automagically (i.e. seconds after I inserted the USB plug in my labtop) as read-only. So I could read from it, but not write to it. This post did […]

I did a lightning talk (< 10 min) about ‘git log’ @ Montreal.rb yesterday. My sources were Scott Chacon’s git log screencast, Nick Quaranto’s gitready post, as well as git-log manpages. Here are my notes: Usecase: I want to be up to date with the latest activity git log git log -4 git log –since=”1 […]

I attended RailsConf 2009 and I’m quite happy about it. With close to 2 years into the Rails world, I wish some of the presentations were for a more advanced audience. The most interesting part was in the panels and keynotes. Note: a few presentations are available through blip.tv. All in all, and somewhat briefly, […]

I watched the talk from David W. Frank (from Pivotal Labs) at RailsConf. It was interesting to listen to advice on agile software development, although on some I would disagree. Here are my highlights and some thoughts afterwards. Stick to conventions follow the ground rules be a lord of discipline pop goes the story stack […]

Question How do you make this line a one-liner?     Solution value = [compute_value,CONSTANT].max

I watched Sean O’Halpin 30-minute Ruby Manor presentation (Nov 2008) called “Unobstrusive metaprogramming”. He gave a few tricks about monkeypatching. Here are my highlights. Problems with monkey patching “the Rails way” namespace pollution documentation pollution cognitive pollution Case in point: >> [Kernel, Object, Class, Module].inject({}){|hash, klass|¬†hash[klass] = klass.methods.size; hash} => {Object=>98, Kernel=>159, Module=>99, Class=>99} >> […]

Motivation Hashtweeps is a simple site where you can search all tweets with a specific hash term. I have decided to give Scrubyt a go and write a little Hashtweeps scraper to get a feel of it. The CEO of the company where I am at was at the leadscon conference, so I was challenged […]

I watched Jason Seifer’s QCon 30-min presentation on Ruby VM’s. He describes the main characteristics of most Ruby VM’s out there. A little note: his criterium to decide whether a VM is production-ready or not is based on its support (or lack of support) for Rails, since that’s a Ruby framework which touches on a […]