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Ric-Rac-Roe in a Soup of Technologies

It all started with a desire to experiment a few things: Sinatra, Shoes, and the context testing framework. So I decided to write a simple application – the classic tic-tac-toe game. I ended up with 3 interfaces: command line interface (cli) web app (using Sinatra) GUI desktop app (using Shoes) I thought it’d be nice […]

RSpec according to Obie Fernandez

Reading about RSpec in The Rails Way, I found this paragraph eloquent: At first it may seem like the same thing as Test::Unit with some words substituted and shifted around. One of the key points of TDD is that it’s about design rather than testing. This is a lesson that every good TDDer learns through […]

C0, C1 and C2 Coverage

Here are a few reminders I got from rcov‘s page: C0: coverage of lines of code C1: coverage of branches C2: coverage of paths So, if you’d have a Drinker class like so: class Drinker def drink beer, wineresult = 0 if beer then result = 1 else result = -1 end if wine then […]